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Language immersion for young adults

Influent offers a wide range of language immersion programs for young adults in over 20 languages and 30 countries. Each destination is unique, and our programs are designed to suit all ages and levels. Here’s what you need to know about our immersion programs for young adults.

Definition of ‘young adults’

First of all, what does “young adult” mean exactly? The term is widely used, but there's no consensus on its meaning. It’s quite flexible, so the definition can vary. Young adults are generally considered to be between late teens and early thirties. Apart from age, the young adult phase is above all associated with a transition period: finishing school and starting a career, financial independence, marriage, and even parenthood. The world of young adults is inextricably linked to social and cultural transformations. And if there's one value that unites all young adults, it's independence. The quest of all young adults to assert themselves and assume their responsibilities, but also the need to distance themselves from their relatives. A distance that can sometimes be taken literally, when it involves going to another country. Language immersions for young adults are perfectly adapted to these needs, as we’ll explore in detail below.

The value of full immersion programs for young adults

There are many good reasons why young adults should choose a language immersion program:

  • Participants learn the language by living it, with the locals. This is not only the most natural way of learning, but also the most effective. It's the way children all over the world learn their mother tongue.

  • The program is tailored to the student's goals, desires, and needs. This means that courses and activities can be adjusted and personalized. Likewise, you can choose the dates of your stay (from Sunday to Saturday with Influent), as well as the duration and number of hours. And, of course, the language to be studied and the destination!

  • Language courses are adapted to the learner's level, from beginner to advanced.

Doing a language immersion as a young adult has many advantages. In addition to discovering a unique way of learning a new language and staying in another country, the participant is immersed in a different culture and can attain a deeper understanding of our complex world. Every language lesson is a lesson in personal development. Young adults leaving their country, at least temporarily, are developing their independence, their self-confidence, and their adaptability. All of which contribute to healthy personal growth. Traveling opens up new perspectives, whether academic or professional, and a language immersion program for young adults gives participants the chance to meet new people and develop their network. And because the experience cannot be reduced to the mere acquisition of skills, not to be overlooked are the taste for adventure and pleasure of the experience. Traveling when young is above all a challenge, a memorable and often formative experience. Isn’t it said that travel shapes youth?

How language immersions work

With Influent, you stay with your host teacher on full-board accommodation. To ensure that the immersion experience is successful, you are the only student in the household. The objective is clear: immerse yourself fully in your target language to maximize your opportunities to communicate. In short, participants practice the language they're learning in the best possible way: by sharing their host's daily life.

At Influent, we rigorously select our hosts based on their profiles and interests. They all have proven experience in hosting young learners. This is an important step in providing a safe and welcoming environment for young adults, who are sometimes anxious about leaving their comfort zone. And because learning while having fun remains the best way to improve, we offer a variety of leisure options that can be added to the program. We've even designed the "Lifestyle" program for those who prefer to learn exclusively through activities, rather than through lessons.

Young adults: language immersion programs tailored to all needs

Our options also include exam preparation for professional, academic, or even personal reasons. To make the most of the language immersion and put into practice what they learn during their one-to-one lessons with the host teacher, we recommend that all young adults choose the ‘General activities’ or ‘Cultural visits’ options with their tuition program.

On a practical level, we select the most appropriate host for you upon receipt of your enrolment form. If you feel that our proposal does not meet your requirements, we give you the freedom to refuse it. In this case, we'll make another suggestion, sometimes in another region. For this reason, it's always important to have several choices of destination regions.

All our language stays for young adults come with the same guarantee. You'll be the only student in your host family, thanks to the simple formula of one teacher per student (except in the exceptional case of a shared program). While the family can welcome guests or friends for the duration of your stay, one condition remains: they must not be native speakers of your language!

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