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Home Tuition Program: A complete guide

Are you planning to learn a new language? For adults who want to improve their language skills quickly, a home tuition program is the perfect solution. It's the most effective way to improve your language skills. The idea is simple: you stay with your host teacher, who provides one-to-one language lessons every day. Your teacher is at your side to help you gain confidence in the language and correct any mistakes. This is a total language immersion experience, which we will describe in more detail below.

What does our home tuition program include?

It's never too late to learn English or any other foreign language. When conventional courses fail, it's often due to the wrong approach or methodology. With Influent, the home tuition program offers many different possibilities. Although accommodation is always at your teacher's home, you are free to choose the number of private language lessons per week. Hours can vary between 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours per week. Outside the time spent on lessons, language practice continues in the form of daily social interaction: during meals with your host or family activities. You can also customise your program to suit your goals, interests, preferences and needs. Influent gives you a choice of several options and specialisations.

It is not possible to learn everything in the traditional, theoretical way, especially not a language. Mastering a foreign language requires culture, leisure and entertainment. While we give adults complete freedom of choice, all students under 18 must add general activities or cultural visits to their program.

The Home Tuition Program: available options

What are the options for the home tuition program mentioned above? These include general activities, cultural visits, sports and excursions. The idea is to encourage you to use the knowledge you have gained during your course. The aim is to put your language skills into practice. The nature of the activities also depends on the destination. To give you a few ideas, there's bowling, mini-golf, theatre, cinema, festivals or cooking and baking. Other activities include museums, art galleries, board games, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and nature walks. Or a guided tour by bus or on foot, a farm visit, a market or shopping. Or quite simply conversations and debates!

When it comes to cultural visits, your host can act as a guide to help you understand his or her culture in his/her language. Sports enthusiasts can book at least three sports sessions a week, although the exact number may vary depending on the region or sport. While sessions are generally individual, they can also be held in groups and are usually with a professional. In all cases, with our home tuition program, everything is included for your activities: transportation, any entrance fees, and other expenses related to the activity. For sports sessions, transportation and rental equipment are also covered.

Adults who prefer to book superior accommodation during their stay can do so with the " Superior Homestay " option. Other options are available to allow you to further personalise your home tuition program, such as a private bathroom, business, specialised or professional vocabulary, exam preparation or a special diet if required.

Finally, travel is not included in our package. It's up to the participant to organise his or her own travel. However, Influent can book a transfer from your arrival location (airport, port or train station). A member of the host family can be present or a driver can pick you up. All transfers are optional for adult participants. For organisational reasons, we need to know your travel details in advance. If you choose not to book a transfer for your homestay program, simply contact the family to specify your arrival time and place.

Our home tuition program is one of the best ways to maximize language learning. Please contact us directly online for more information. Throughout your language stay abroad, our regional managers are on hand to help you with any problems you may encounter. We address all linguistic misunderstandings or cultural obstacles, no matter how small, to ensure a pleasant and successful experience for all!

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