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Live and learn a language

Influent was set up to respond more effectively and with more agility to the changing needs of language students and hosts around the world.


Experiential learning, education and sharing knowledge have taken a leading role in our lives. Influent is anchored in the belief that the best way to learn a language is by living it, so we have designed language immersions and experiences that are highly personal, effective and more importantly, enjoyable.


The concept: You stay with your host or teacher, and learn the language by living it: through daily activities, communication with your host, mealtimes with the family, personalised language lessons and/or activities, outings, interaction with new friends, cultural visits... You are totally immersed in the language you are learning, you are the only student and the programme is entirely adapted to your language learning needs.

Influent has a worldwide team of Hosts, Regional Managers, Agent Partners and Language Learning Experts all working together to deliver tailor-made one-to-one language courses to suit your personal requirements. We offer courses for language students of all ages (from children and teenagers to adults, including professionals and retirees) and all levels (from beginners to advanced). We are committed to providing the highest level of quality for every aspect of your stay, and we are proud of our track record and the positive student feedback we receive.


We very much look forward to helping and supporting you with whatever your goals may be: progress in  your educational journey, career advancement, or simply to live a life-enhancing experience.


How do our language immersion programmes work?


  • You choose the dates of your stay (from Sunday to Saturday), the duration (minimum of one week) and the destination.


  • You select your programme : lessons and/or activities, your option.

  • We suggest a host that matches your profile and objectives, we prepare your stay with you, you confirm and book your stay.


  • You live and study the language in your own private teacher’s home, on full-board accommodation.


You are the only student and you are totally immersed in the language, practising it and learning through sharing daily family life.


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