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" Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. "

– Scott Hayden

What makes an ideal host?

  • Having a spare bedroom and a comfortable home.

  • Being able to provide good home cooked meals.

  • Enjoying meeting new people and looking to share your life and culture with others.

  • Being willing to treat students as friends who have come to stay

  • Looking to include students in your everyday life, taking them with you on your daily activities and engaging them as much as possible in conversation.

What is a typical homestay?

Homestays vary from 1 week to 2 or 3 weeks and can include from 10 to 25 hours of private tuition on full board accommodation with or without activities. If they book activities you are paid additionally for these as well as hourly expenses to cover your costs and the student’s.


We also have some programmes without lessons where the student just wants to experience the language through activities

How does it work ?

A student booking enquiry is presented to hosts for approval before they are proposed for a student’s stay.


We get bookings year round, adults and children.


Once you are registered and we have met you can be considered for any suitable enquiry that fits in with your availability and preferences. 

host family

Why become a language host ?

Hosting is a flexible way or earning income from home

As you are working as a freelancer it means you are in charge.

You decide when to work and who to host

Who are the language students?

We have students of all ages (children, teenagers or adults), backgrounds, nationalities and levels.

You are free to accept or refuse a booking and give us your preferences.

How long do the homestays last ?

Homestays vary from 1 week to 2 or 3 weeks and can include from 10 to 25 hours of private tuition on full board accommodation with or without activities. 

What is a typical host?

Hosts can be varied from the traditional with two adults and one or more children, to one-parent hosts, couples without children or with older children who have left home, hosts who live alone.

What qualifications are needed to host & teach students?

  • A teaching qualification (Tefl, Tesol, PGCE, etc.)




  • A university degree (any academic subject) and a minimum of 2 years teaching experience

What qualifications are needed to host students (no lessons)

No qualifications are needed

Who will be my point of contact ?

We have a team of regional managers in all the areas where we have hosts.

You will be put in contact with the closest one to you for your recruitment process and bookings.

They are always at hand to advise and support you.

How much can I earn?

It depends on the programme, the number of hours tuition, if there are any activities and the type of activities as well as your location. The payment will be detailed on the booking proposed to you.



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