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We are committed to matching you with the host that best suits your profile and needs. 


All our teachers hold a recognized teaching diploma and/or university degree and have at least two years of teaching experience. Our hosts and teachers meet rigorous selection criteria, and their homes are inspected at least every two years by one of our regional managers. They were selected not only for their commitment and professionalism, but also because they are passionate about teaching and hosting, can offer a comfortable and welcoming home, are warm and friendly, and like to share their daily life and their culture.

Hosts can be traditional families made up of two adults and one or more children, single-parent families with one or more children or people living alone. Some teachers welcome students and give them language lessons during their holidays. Others, retired, like to teach occasionally, while still others appreciate this alternative teaching method. 

Regional managers

Our regional managers ensure that your stay runs smoothly, contacting each participant to ensure that everything is going well, and are always available for students and hosts, ready to intervene at any time if required. 

Our language immersion experts


The Influent team is on hand to advise you on the type of programme best suited to your needs, provide all the information you need to organise your stay, and accompany you every step of the way, including a 24h service for any urgent matters. A questionnaire is provided to allow you to give us valuable feedback regarding your satisfaction at the end of the stay.