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You have to taste a culture to understand it

Tips for a successful language immersion

Choosing the right programme

The advantage of a language immersion programme is that it's tailored to your individual needs, designed exclusively for you. By providing as much information as possible about your level, your interests, your personality, your objectives, etc., you enable our language immersion experts to propose the host and programme best suited to your profile and needs (number of language tuition hours, activities and visits, options...). Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

Home tuition programme

It is the most effective way to make rapid progress: you live with your teacher who will give you private language lessons and correct you at all times. It completely immerses you in the language you are learning as you put into practice what you have learnt during your lessons through social interactions and meal times with your host.

The Home Tuition Programme includes:

•  10h*,15h, 20h, 25h or 30h private language lessons per week
•  Accommodation in your teacher’s home
•  Meals and social interaction with your host

Choose the number of language lessons you require and personalise your Programme according to your needs, interests and preferences with a multitude of options and specialisations to choose from. Some things cannot be learnt by studying in the traditional way, fluency is achieved through living the language, using the target language constantly and in your everyday life. Culture, entertainment, leisure and current events are embedded in people’s language and these are as much part of the language learning process as the lessons.

*10 hours must be combined with General Activities and/or Cultural Visits and/or Farm Activities

⚠ Students under 18 must book General Activities, Farm Activities and/or Cultural Visits with their Home Tuition Programme

General activities

Apply what you have learnt during your lessons, practise your language skills through varied family activities with your host.

Activities are decided between you and your host and can include:

Cooking/baking, shopping, bowling, mini-golf, a sport event, a ball game, cinema, theatre, sightseeing, conversation practice & debates, board games, nature walk, a local festival or event, a street or farmer’s market, an outdoor outing (beach, picnic, lake, etc.), historic downtown, a typical village, a local place of interest, afternoon tea or country pub (18+), arts & crafts, etc.

⚠ The nature of the activities depends on your interests and the host family’s location.

All costs are included: the transport, entrance fees (if applicable) and activity expenses for the student and the accompanying person.

Cultural visits

Visit places of interest and/or museums with your host who becomes your own private guide.

Understanding the culture of your target language improves your experience and facilitates the learning process, it also enables you to practise your language skills in a different environment.

Please refer to the relevant destination for the list of cultural visits available.

⚠ Cultural Visits may vary depending on family location and availability.

All costs are included: the transport, entrance fees (if applicable) and activity expenses for the student and the accompanying person.

Business, professional & specialised vocabulary

Designed to help you make rapid progress in the language you are studying and focused on the skills you need for your work. Improve your confidence and use of vocabulary through live practice for business meetings, negotiations, presentations and general communication with clients. Learn the skills and techniques for phoning, writing reports, e-mails or letters, through role playing. Improve your social skills for meetings and entertaining clients, travelling on business or attending conferences. Purely for business or with professional vocabulary for medicine, tourism, real estate, marketing, law, human resources, media, aviation, military, engineering, banking, accountancy, computing, architecture…

Exam preparation

Your teacher will design a course to prepare you for an exam (Cambridge EFL, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, DELF, DELE, Baccalaureat, Abitur, Matura and other exams on request...). He or she will help you familiarise yourself with the test content, level and format, work on the different types of questions you may be asked, review and improve your replies, go over your weaknesses, give you past exam papers to help you practise.

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