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By enrolling, you confirm you accept and are aware of the following:


Our services


Influent offers language immersion programmes worldwide, for participants of all ages and levels. 
You stay with a host and/or teacher, with other members of the host's family where applicable. Different types of stays are offered all year round and may include language courses, activities, visits or other options. Courses and/or activities or visits generally take place during the week, but can also be done at weekends and/or on public holidays, depending on the schedule decided upon by you and your host so that the total number of hours booked are completed by the end of the stay. One hour of language tuition in your private teacher’s home = 60 minutes.




Upon receipt of your enrolment, we will select the host most suitable to your profile. You are free to refuse this proposal if you feel that the host does not meet your requirements, and we will propose another one. We consider that the choice of host is more important than the area so request several choices of area in the chosen destination if possible.


Host selection process


We organise stays for participants of all levels. It is essential that you indicate your language level when booking to allow us to select the host and/or teacher best suited to your profile and specific needs.

One participant/student is assigned per host or teacher, except in the case of a shared programme. The host family may have guests or friends at the same time as you provided that they are not of the same nationality or mother tongue as you and that this does not interfere with your lessons or stay.

To the best of our knowledge, the host’s details are correct when we provide them, and we cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes to these.

We cannot guarantee that all the host family members will be present during your stay as our contract is with the host or teacher, not with other family members.

In some cases, you may be placed with two or more families during the course of the same stay (for long stays, for example).





Payment should be made 1 month before arrival, in the currency indicated on the invoice:

- By Bank Transfer

To the account provided on the invoice


- By Credit Card

Using the payment link provided on the invoice.




Insurance is not included. You must take out your own insurance against illnesses, accidents, loss of property or cancellations.



Influent does not arrange travel. As this service is not included, you (or your parents/legal guardian in the case of minors) must take care of travel arrangements: flights, ferries, trains, etc. You should also find out about any formalities/documents required, depending on the country of departure and the destination, e.g. a valid passport or ID card, authorisation forms for minors travelling alone, ESTA, visas, health documents etc. Please check with the embassies and consulates in your country and chosen destination. We cannot issue visas, but we can send you a letter of invitation if this is required to allow you to apply for one from the relevant authorities. 
You are solely responsible for obtaining all travel documents and visas required, and Influent cannot be held responsible for failure to obtain them, for inappropriate or incomplete documents, lack of information, or non-acceptance by authorities before or during the trip.


N.B. For French citizens only: formalities and entry requirements for stays abroad
For French citizens travelling abroad, an identity card, or in some cases a passport and visa, are required.
Information on entry requirements for French citizens for each country can be found at:
Before booking, you must ensure that you are able to obtain the required travel documents including visas if applicable, and that they are valid for the planned travel dates, or beyond, depending on the conditions of the destination.
An ‘Autorisation de Sortie du Territoire’ (AST) is compulsory for all French participants under the age of 18, for all destinations. The form is available at:




Transfers can be booked as an optional extra. We can organise them to and from the airport, port or train station, depending on the host’s location, and they will be taken care of either by a member of the host family or a driver.

We must receive travel details well in advance in order to arrange any transfers booked, one week before arrival at the very latest. If not, we reserve the right to cancel them.

A mobile number is required in all cases.

Transfers are usually individual but may be shared with students arriving/departing at the same time.

A supplement may be charged for early arrival (before 8 a.m.) or late departure (after 10 p.m.).

If no transfers are booked, you should contact your host directly to give them the appropriate arrival time. If the host does not hear from you, you will be expected after 7 p.m.




Cancellation fees are as follows:

- 28 days or more before arrival: £200, €250, USD250.

- 27 days to 1 week before arrival: 50% of the fees.

- Less than one week before arrival: 100% of the fees.

Cancellation charges for Sports and/or Excursion Options may be added as they are usually booked by the hosts well in advance and are most often non-refundable.


Date changes


- A change of dates 28 days or more before arrival is not subject to an alteration fee.

- A change of dates 27 days or less before arrival is subject to an alteration fee of £200, €250, USD250.


Host cancellations


In the case of unforeseen circumstances (personal problems, health issues, etc.), should the family cancel before arrival or during the stay, a replacement host family will be provided.
Refusal by the participant of this replacement will be considered a cancellation and the relevant cancellation fees will apply (see above).




Regional managers in the host’s country are always available to help you with any issues you may have, and these can usually be solved very quickly as they are often related to language misunderstandings or cultural differences. Problems that cannot be resolved are rare, but if you feel that you and the host are not suited, or you are not happy in the homestay, the regional manager or Influent must be contacted so that a change of host can be arranged. Claims after the stay will only be considered if we have been notified of issues during the stay. In the case of minors, this is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility.


Privacy policy


In order to organise your immersion programme, Influent needs to collect certain personal data, in particular regarding your identity. In accordance with current EU legislation, you have the right to access, rectify and delete any personal data concerning you, by written request.

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