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We offer a wide range of individual, personalised programs to suit your needs and language objectives. 

Programs are available for all ages and all levels. You can choose options to make your trip even more enjoyable and enriching.

How Our Immersions Work

  • You are the only student, you are completely immersed in the target language, and are treated like a family member. 

  • Lessons and/or activities are personalised and the host teacher designs a program based on your objectives. 

  • Outside lesson and activity hours you practise the language by sharing daily family life and through social interactions.

Learn a new language with a teacher

All Influent language immersion programs include

  • An individual bedroom in the comfortable home of a carefully selected host who has satisfied the most stringent recruitment criteria and home-quality inspections

  • 3 meals per day with the host/family

  • Access to a Regional Manager who is always on hand for any questions or issues that may arise during the stay

  • A 24-hour helpline

  • A progress report at the end of the language program

Home Tuition Program

It is the most effective way to make rapid progress: you live with your teacher who will give you private language lessons and correct you at all times. Our home tuition program completely immerses you in the language you are learning as you put into practice what you have learnt during your lessons through social interactions and mealtimes with your host/family.


The program includes:

  • 10*, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of private language lessons per week

  • Accommodation in the teacher's home

  • Meals and social interaction with the host/family


*10 hours are possible when combined with General Activities and/or Cultural Visits and/or Farm Activities.

High School Tutor
Home Tuition

Stays are from Sunday to Saturday and are available all year round

Key details:

  • A language test is taken before the start of the program to determine your level

  • The course schedule is established with the teacher, and the program is entirely adapted to your needs: grammar, conversation, comprehension… Lessons usually take place on mornings, leaving afternoons free for leisure activities and social interaction.

  • A placement test at the end of the stay enables you to evaluate progress.

  • A Teacher's Report is provided, and a Certificate of Attendance is available, on request.

The Home Tuition Program can be personalised with Leisure Options. These are compulsory for all students under 18 years old, and recommended for participants of all ages to ensure the best language immersion experience.

Suggested Options for Home Tuition Program

Lifestyle Program

Lifestyle Homestay Programme

You stay with a host who is not necessarily a teacher but who wants to share his/her daily life and culture with you. An immersive experience for those who want to learn through practice rather than traditional 'sit-down' lessons. Having fun is the best way to remember what you learn!


This full immersion program includes:

  • Full-board accommodation in the host's home

  • Activities from the list below and the related costs


Cooking/baking, shopping, bowling, a sports event, a ball game, cinema, theatre, sightseeing, conversation practice and debates, board games, a nature walk, a local festival or event, an outing (beach, picnic, lake, etc.), a street or farmer’s market, historic downtown, a typical village, a local place of interest, afternoon tea or country pub (18+), arts and crafts...


Activities vary depending on the host and their location. You decide together and establish a  program based on your interests. You learn the language through activities, social interaction and discovering a new region and culture.

Digital Nomad

Suggested Options for Lifestyle Homestay Programme

Shared Programmes


Duo Shared Program

Share your immersion program with a friend or relative. If you require lessons you should be of the same language level. 


You share the lessons and/or activities and usually share a bedroom.


You each benefit from a 20% discount.

Family Immersion Shared Program

If you wish to go with your child, parent or friend on his or her full immersion program, without booking lessons yourself, this can be arranged.


Separate lessons due to a difference in language levels are also possible within the same family. We can offer placements with two teacher hosts (such as a couple), or organise for an outside tutor to come to the host teacher’s home. 

Contact us for more information

Walk in Nature
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Club 4 Program

(Available in Sussex UK and Cork Ireland only)

This immersion program is a great opportunity to make new friends and achieve your language goals through group lessons, interaction and activities, guided and accompanied by an experienced host teacher.


Ages: 14-16

Levels: B1/B2


Dates in 2024:

  • 30/06 to 13/07 (two weeks)

  • 14/07 to 27/07 (two weeks


The program includes:

  • 10h lessons & 10h activities per week

  • 5h supervised homework per week 

  • 1 Saturday Excursion


Contact us for more information

Other Programmes


Fast Track Program

You have limited time, yet you would like a quick immersion to meet a specific or urgent language objective.  Benefit from the content of a one-week foreign language program concentrated over 2, 3 or 4 days.

All Fast Track participants are offered a 20% discount on the price of a one-week stay, including lessons and accommodation.

Contact us for more information

Lessons Only Program

You have already arranged your accommodation and would like to have individual language lessons during the stay. 


Book 15, 20, or 25 hours of lessons only, without accommodation.

The lessons usually take place at the teacher’s home. If you wish to organise lessons at a different location, a supplement for the teacher’s transport may apply.

Contact us for more information

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