We have a variety of programs available to suit your needs

and wishes.

Once you have selected a program, you can add options to make your trip even more enjoyable !

Tennis Class

1. Add leisure options to your home tuition program

Options include: 

  • General activities

  • Sports

  • Cultural visits

  • Excursions

2. Personalise your home tuition program with other options

  • Business, professional & specialised

  • Exam & Academic preparation

  • Academic holiday

  • Private bathroom

  • Closer supervision (-13)

  • Special needs & diet

  • Superior homestay

  • New year

  • Online lessons

  • Extra night

  • Transfers

The Lifestyle Homestay program (New)

Programme includes: 


  • Full board accommodation in your ‬teacher's home

  • Activities‭ & ‬the related costs‭ (‬with your teacher or family member‭)‬


Stay with a host who is not a teacher but who wants to share his/her life and culture with you. An immersive experience for those who want to learn through practice and do not want to follow the traditional “sit-down” lessons. Having fun while you learn is the best way to remember what you learn!

Walk in Nature

Home Tuition Program

Program includes: 

  • 10h, 15h, 20h, 25h or 30h private language lessons per week

  • Accommodation in your teacher’s home

  • Meal times and social interaction with your host

It is the most effective way to make rapid progress: you live with your teacher who will give you private language lessons and correct you at all times spent with them.


It completely immerses you in the language you are learning as you put into practice what you have learnt during your lessons through social interactions and meal times with your host.

Ferme avicole

Farmstay (Ireland & New Zealand only, other locations on request)

Programme includes: 

  • Farmstay 1‭:‬‭ ‬Includes full board accommodation‭, ‬10‭ ‬hours of farm activities and 10‭ ‬hours of private English lessons per week‭.‬

  • Farmstay 2‭:‬‭ ‬Includes full board accommodation and 10‭ ‬hours of farm activities per week‭ (‬no English lessons‭). ‬
    Our farmstays are available in Ireland‭ ‬and New Zealand‭.‬

Live on a working farm with your host family‭ ‬and improve your language skills taking part‭ ‬in‭ 'on-farm' activities such as fruit picking‭, ‬harvesting‭, ‬milking cows‭, ‬feeding the‭ ‬animals‭, ‬etc‭. ‬Activities will depend on the nature of the farm and location‭.‬

Lessons only program

You have arranged your own accommodation and only require private language lessons.


The lessons usually take place at the teacher’s home. If you wish us to organise lessons at a different location a supplement for the teacher’s transport may apply.

Please contact us for a quote

Family, parents or friends program

If you wish to go with your child, parent or friend on their language course this can be arranged.

If you would like to live together but study separately, because you do not have the same language level, we can offer placements with two teacher hosts (such as a couple), or organise for an outside tutor to come to the host teacher’s home. If you have the same level and would like to share your course and your lessons, or if you do not wish to have lessons but just wish to accompany the language student, this is also possible.

Please contact us for a quote