We have a variety of programmes available to suit your needs

and wishes.

Once you have selected a programme, you can add optional extras to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Voyager à l'étranger

Home Tuition Programme & cultural visits

Programme includes: 

  • 10h to 25h private lessons weekly

  • Full board accommodation in your ‬teacher' home

  • The cultural visits‭ & ‬the related costs‭ ‬(‬with your teacher or family member‭)


Suitable for all ages.

It combines language lessons with visits to museums and places of interest‭. ‬You practice your newly acquired skills whilst exploring the area with your own private guide‭. Understanding the culture of your target language improves your experience‭ ‬and facilitates the learning process‭.‬

Home Tuition Programme & Activities

Programme includes: 

  • 10h to 30h private lessons weekly

  • Full board accommodation in your ‬teacher's home

  • The activities‭ & ‬the related costs‭ (‬with your teacher or family member‭)‬


Suitable for all ages.

It gives you the opportunity to benefit from language lessons and practice your language skills through varied activities such as cooking‭, mini-golf‭, ‬shopping‭, ‬bowling‭, ‬cinema‭, ‬board games‭, ‬sightseeing‭, ‬etc... The nature of the activity depends on your interests‭, ‬as well as the area the hosting family is located in‭.

Walk in Nature

Home Tuition Programme

Programme includes: 

  • 10h to 30h private lessons weekly

  • Full board accommodation in your teacher’s home


Suitable for adults (for minors it is advised to add sports or leisure options)

It completely immerses you in the language you are learning, with private language lessons and meals with the host. It also gives you the freedom to choose to spend time sharing the daily family life, benefit from free time to explore the area, or study on your own.

Ferme avicole

Farmstay (Ireland & New Zealand only, other locations on request)

Programme includes: 

  • Farmstay 1‭:‬‭ ‬Includes full board accommodation‭, ‬10‭ ‬hours of farm activities and 10‭ ‬hours of private English lessons per week‭.‬

  • Farmstay 2‭:‬‭ ‬Includes full board accommodation and 10‭ ‬hours of farm activities per week‭ (‬no English lessons‭). ‬
    Our farmstays are available in Ireland‭ ‬and New Zealand‭.‬


Suitable for all ages.

Live on a working farm with your host family‭ ‬and improve your language skills taking part‭ ‬in‭ 'on-farm' activities such as fruit picking‭, ‬harvesting‭, ‬milking cows‭, ‬feeding the‭ ‬animals‭, ‬etc‭. ‬Activities will depend on the nature of the farm and location‭.‬

Lifestyle Homestay Programme (NEW)

  • Full Board accommodation in your‭ ‬
    host's home

  • No lessons

  • The activities & all related costs (with a family member)


Suitable for all ages.

Stay with a host‭ ‬who is not a teacher‭ ‬but who wants to share his/her life and culture with you‭.‬ An immersive experience for those who want to learn through practice and do not want to follow the traditional 'sit down' ‬lessons‭. ‬Having fun while you learn is the best way to remember what you learn‭!‬

Acitivites available for this programme


(Minimum 15h):

5h Cooking / 5h Shopping / 5h Walking Tours / 5h filmography / 5h Constructive Conversation & Debates / 5h Board Games



(These can be added to all the programmes offered)

Sports *

Available in most destinations we offer, please refer to the relevant country.

This option includes 3‭ ‬sport sessions weekly unless specified otherwise and where relevant transport and equipment rental‭. ‬Sessions take place with a professional instructor and sometimes where appropriate with a family member‭. ‬They are usually individual but can sometimes be in a group depending on the sports Club‭, ‬time of year
and location‭ .

*Agents: Please note option prices are net

Leisure *

Available in most destinations we offer, please refer to the relevant country.

This option can include where relevant transport and entrance fees‭. Sessions take place with your teacher‭, ‬an adult member of the family or in some cases a professional instructor‭.‬

*Agents: Please note option prices are net

Business & professional vocabulary

Supplement of £90, €130, $130 weekly.

Designed for students who need to improve their professional language skills‭. ‬Specialised vocabulary with technical terms in areas such as business‭, ‬medicine‭, ‬engineering‭, ‬law‭, ‬computing‭, ‬architecture‭, ‬tourism‭, ‬etc‭. ‬can be provided on request‭.‬

Exam preparation

Supplement of £90, €130, $130 weekly.

Your teacher will design a course to prepare you for an exam‭ (‬Cambridge English‭, ‬TOEIC‭, ‬TOEFL‭, ‬IELTS‭...).‬

Closer supervision (-13)

Supplement of £99, €150, $150 weekly.

This option is available for students under 18‭ ‬and compulsory for students‭ ‬aged 12‭ ‬or under‭. ‬This guarantees the young language student is in the constant presence of an adult.‬

Special needs & special diets

A supplement may be applicable in some cases.

We welcome students with special needs and special diets providing we have been notified of these in advance‭.‬

Private bathroom

Supplement of £140, €190, $190 weekly.
Available in most destinations we offer‭, ‬please refer to the relevant country.

Accommodation with your own private bathroom‭. ‬20%‭ ‬reduction per person on a shared programme‭.‬

Superior homestay

Supplement of £400, €400, $400 weekly.

This option is for those who enjoy a high standard of living at home and require extra comfort with a host family‭. ‬A private bathroom is automatically included‭. ‬


Get in touch for prices.

Transfers from/to airports‭, ‬train stations or seaports can be arranged and are usually taken care of by the host family‭, ‬a private driver or the destination advisor‭. ‬Transfers are usually private but can in some rare cases be shared with other students‭.‬