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How to customise your language immersion program

Influent offers a wide range of programs and options for your language immersion. Participants who wish to make rapid progress in their target language can add the options of their choice. English exam preparation, specialised vocabulary and much more: let's take a look at the many options available!

Immersion Travel

Why add options to your language immersion program?

Customising a language immersion program abroad by adding options offers several advantages:

  • Adapted to the needs of each learner. By choosing your options, you can tailor your stay to suit your goals. For example, if you want to improve your general knowledge, you can choose to visit a museum or to see a play. In the local language, of course!

  • Flexibility. Customisation means you can create a tailor-made program, including choosing the length of your stay and the number of hours of tuition.

  • Specialisation. If you have specific needs or interests, such as business, tourism or culture, you can choose courses or activities related to your field.

  • Linguistic and cultural immersion. By focusing on aspects that match your profile, you are sure to improve your level significantly.

  • Increased motivation. Being able to personalise your stay by choosing options that you find interesting increases your motivation to learn the language. You are more involved in the process of learning and discovering.

What are the main options available to customise your program?

When you think of language immersion program options, the first things that come to mind are excursions, sports and cultural visits. Influent offers all of these options and many more. With the " Specialised and Business Vocabulary " option, the program is specially designed to ensure rapid improvement in a specific field. You will quickly acquire the vocabulary you need to express yourself confidently in a foreign language in your field of work. This is made possible via activities such as writing reports or role-playing. The “Specialised Vocabulary” option, created exclusively for professional use, covers a wide range of subjects, from the media to aviation, to banking and engineering. The option is also available for accounting, IT, law, marketing, tourism, medicine, human resources and architecture, just to mention a few areas. The possibilities are endless, the objective, clear: to allow you to become more fluent, natural and precise when communicating professionally.

Exam Preparation

Our language immersion program options also include exam preparation. In practical terms, your teacher will design a program to prepare you for the TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS exams, as well as other exams, available on request. Your teacher will guide you through the exam format and explain the content and level requirements. Together, you will work on the different types of questions. Practice generally involves using and studying past papers. We also offer an academic preparation option, for international students who wish to prepare for an academic course such as the International Baccalaureate, for university admission, or the French ‘classes préparatoires’. This option focuses on developing and practising language skills for communicating with teachers. They include reading academic texts, writing reports and summaries, and making presentations. Should a student request it, it is also possible to broaden vocabulary by concentrating on a particular subject. Examples include maths, science, economics, business and literature.

By adding the "School holidays" option to your program, you stay with a host during the holidays. This is the best option if you cannot leave the country whose language you are learning during the holidays. Make the most of this period to improve your language skills while spending time and having fun with a friendly family. For minor students choosing this option, the host teacher will also be responsible for homework and keeping in touch with parents or guardians and the school.

Language immersion program abroad: don't forget the practical options!

Personal Transfer

Language immersion program options are about more than just lessons and activities. Practical options are also available, such as a private bathroom for more privacy. For younger students under 13, we offer the compulsory “Closer Supervision”' option, which guarantees that an adult will always be present to ensure their safety. It is also possible, and optional, between the ages of 13 and 18. The "Accompanying Person" option is for participants who wish to be accompanied by a person who will not be doing lessons or activities. This accompanying person will simply need accommodation and meals at the same time as the language learner. The 'Superior Homestay' option offers a higher level of comfort, both in terms of the quality of the accommodation and the meals. In this case, the private bathroom option is automatically included.

While travel is not included in the program, you still have the option of booking transfers for your arrival or departure. This is compulsory for all students under the age of 16 unless their parents will be driving them to and from their destination. You can also choose to spend an extra night with your host, depending on your departure time, with the "Extra night" option. Please note that while meals are included in this option, no additional lessons are planned. With the "Online courses" option, courses are held on Zoom to complement the language immersion program. This consists of a minimum of 10 sessions of 45 minutes each, spread over a period before and after the stay. It allows you to get to know your teacher, prepare for the lessons, practise, and discuss your progress after the stay. If you would like to discover the traditional celebrations of your destination, simply choose the "Christmas and New Year" option.

New Year

As indicated above, Influent offers a wide range of options to allow you to customise your language immersion program. After all, the most successful immersion and learning program is the one that matches your personality and your interests!

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