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Working remotely abroad: Learn English with our programmes !

Working remotely abroad with Influent

The world is changing. No need to wait for a holiday to explore a new country, a new culture, a new language. Working remotely abroad is now within reach for employees and freelancers alike. But before you go, time to learn and practise. What about learning English on one of our courses ? Let's take a look !

Working and travelling is possible!

From students and entrepreneurs to freelancers and employees, a new trend has been spreading over the last few years, remote working. Some people are home office enthusiasts, choosing to work from home where they have set up a corner office. For others, it's an opportunity for a change of scenery and a new adventure. There's the phenomenon of digital nomads, of course, this new connected generation who travel the world while they work. But they are not the only ones. Remote working abroad is becoming increasingly widespread. And it's easy to see why.

The first reason is often the appeal of the unknown, wanting to break away from routine, to leave everyday life behind for something else. Remote working abroad is both an escape and an inspiration. Behind that other culture, that other language, there is a whole new world to explore and learn about. Working abroad can also be a real career boost. But there is one condition to be able to do it: you need to speak the local language, or at the very least you need to speak English, if not the risk is that many doors you were hoping to open remain closed…

Remote working abroad: why learn English ?

Remote working abroad: why learn English ?

People who choose to work remotely abroad do not want to replicate the same life as at home; The whole point of it is to be able to chat to locals and learn about their way of life, their history, their gastronomy... In a nutshell their culture. And the key to culture is language. Nowadays, English is the international language in most countries. You obviously cannot learn every language worldwide, depending on your choice of destination. English is the most rational and cost-effective choice for remote working abroad. Almost 400 million native speakers use it, and a billion more speakers use it as a foreign language.

Some people do not stop at just remote working for a few weeks or a few months. For some it is a first step towards moving abroad. Single, in a relationship or with a family, people cross borders to set off for a new life elsewhere. English fluency is again a definite asset to ensure success.

Remote working abroad: learn English with Influent

Influent offers language immersion programmes with various options to improve your English. You'll be able to develop your language skills in the best possible conditions before working remotely in the country of your choice. Or perhaps do both at the same time, i.e. take advantage of the place in which you are working remotely to combine it with a language immersion course. Being flexible, both from a geographic or an organisational perspective, is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, so it's perfectly possible to consider this combination. This especially for freelancers, entrepreneurs and other independent workers.

Learn Business English

There are various options to choose from our English language courses. Each participant is free to choose the one that suits them best but when it comes to remote working abroad, there is one that we particularly recommend: "Business, professional and specialised vocabulary". As the name suggests, the vocabulary focuses on professional use and can cover a number of different areas, including:

  • Law

  • Military

  • Aviation

  • Banking

  • Media

  • Engineering

  • Medicine

  • Tourism

  • Real estate

  • Marketing

  • Architecture

  • IT

  • Accounting

  • Human resources

And many more!

There is an option to suit everyone ! Our courses are designed to allow you to make quick progress in English, or in any other language you decide to study. The main focus is on the skills you need to succeed in your job. Our different options help you build confidence to improve your language level and to use the most suitable vocabulary for each situation. Business meetings, company presentations, negotiations, commercial exchanges... Develop specialised vocabulary and techniques for your professional calls, e-mails or reports. At the same time, you'll have the chance to work on your social and communication skills by interacting with native speakers.

With Influent, you will be staying with a native English-speaking family who will share their culture, cooking and daily life with you, while introducing you to their language. Even if your destination is not an English-speaking country. In order to organise your language immersion and select your host family, we need precise personal information. This includes your language level, your interests and any allergies you may have. We organise language immersion stays all year round. Our programmes are organised on a weekly basis, from Sunday to a Saturday. Don't hesitate to contact us via our online form to find out more about the practical details!

Influent offers many destinations to learn English, including the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. But also Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malta and even France (with English expats). English is also available in most destinations on request. There are also of course other languages and destinations available to improve your language skills in the country of your dreams !

Ready to start working remotly abroad? Go for it !

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