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Visit Berlin by area: A language immersion in the German Capital

Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital, offers numerous cultural, historical and language experiences. If you are planning a 100% German trip in Berlin, be sure to explore every corner of the city. Keene Panik: we'll take you on a tour of the German capital, area by area. Take advantage of all the language immersion opportunities available to you!

Mitte, the historical heart of Berlin

Your language immersion trip in Berlin can begin in Mitte district, the historical heart of the capital. You will find here some of the most iconic tourist sites like the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and remains of the Berlin wall. There is also the Holocaust Memorial and Museum Island. Most museums and Berlin monuments offer guided visits in German. A good way to explore German history and culture while practising the language!

Bohemian vibes at Prezlauer Berg

A real village within the capital, Prenzlauer Berg is a bohemian district full of cafes, art galleries and vintage stores. Our tip: get lost in its paved streets and stop at a cafe to chat with Berliners. It’s the ideal area for an informal chat in German along with a cup of coffee or an organic dinner ! Lecker, oder?

Neukköln and Kreuzberg: authentic Berliner and a melting-pot

A district in constant evolution, Neukölln is the perfect mix between, authentic Berlin and a bubbly artistic scene. Take a walk in Hasenheide park, wander along the alleys full of contemporary art galleries and chat with local artists to improve your German. Discover the creative side of the city, far from the historical and grey city cliche. Berlin is a city that is constantly reinventing itself.

Kreuzberg, a former working-class suburb, is another area not-to-be-missed, well known for its cultural diversity. Here, you'll hear many languages, but German is always the language that bridges the gap between cultures. Take part in local cultural events, attend concerts or eat in one of the many typical restaurants for a multicultural immersion experience!

Wedding district, often overlooked by tourists and even some Berliners, has plenty of surprises in store for you. Everything still seems possible! Explore the flea markets, take a gourmet break in the street restaurants, then walk along the river Panke. There will always be a shopkeeper or local ready to talk to you to make your trip to Berlin unforgettable!

Charlottenburg and Tempelhof : Natur and Kultur

Are you interested in history? Clearly, as if you've chosen Berlin for your trip or for a language immersion programme in Germany, history may have something to do with this choice. If so, we recommend that you head for Charlottenburg. Take the time to visit Charlottenburg Palace and the Berggruen Museum to learn more about German art and culture. The district is not to be outdone when it comes to traditional dishes. And what better way to practise your German with the locals than by enjoying some German cuisine?

If you're also interested in politics, why not make a stopover at Tempelhof-Schöneberg. It was in the Schöneberg town hall (Rathaus Schöneberg) that John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech "Ich bin ein Berliner". A square now bears his name: Kennedyplatz, natürlich. You may be able to attend a public debate or a conference to improve your German. As its former mayor, Klaus Wowereit, once said, Berlin ist arm aber sexy. Berlin may still be poor in places, but that's the historical legacy of a tough transition after the fall of the Wall. But one thing's for sure, there's no shortage of attractions to seduce you!

Tempelhof is home to the world's most unusual park. . It's the former Tempelhof airport, which was closed for good in 2008 and has since been transformed into a huge park where Berliners love to hang out. No less than 380 hectares of grass and 6 kilometres of tarmac: that's a lot! The infrastructure is still standing, from the old control tower to a few abandoned planes at the end of the runway. The best way to explore the site is by bike or on rollerblades. Pack a picnic and enjoy the moment. Life is good in Berlin: Ja, das Leben ist schön!

Finally, round off your sightseeing and language exploration of Berlin with a visit to Spandau, an area that has preserved its mediaeval atmosphere. Spandau Castle will be your landmark. In between your historical and language themed visits, if you're craving nature and wide open spaces, you'll be delighted to learn that the area is also home to a forest (Spandauer Forst).

Friedrichshain and Schöneberg : Berlin bei Nacht

Berlin is perhaps the most underground capital on the old continent. And we don’t mean the tube (U-Bahn)! Even after dark, the city continues to vibrate. Friedrichshain is renowned for its lively nightlife, bars, clubs and concerts. Experience a live music show or dance the night away at a local club to immerse yourself in the German language and Berlin's alternative scene. Schöneberg is Berlin's LGBTQ+ district. Visit the LGBTQ+ memorial and explore the streets to learn more about its many faces.

Berlin really is a fascinating city, offering a wide range of language immersion opportunities in its various districts. History, culture, politics, cuisine, nature and nightlife: every corner of the city has something unique to offer. Grab your Rucksack (backpack) and set off to discover Berlin for a 100% authentic language immersion holiday in Germany. And if you want to speak German with a host family in Germany, Influent will be happy to organise a tailor-made trip to Berlin to help you achieve your language goals while learning about a new culture. Viel Spaß beim Lernen!

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