Polish language immersion programs in Poland.
1 Destination.
Home tuition programme

Includes 1‭ ‬week full board accommodation‭ and ‬private language lessons‭.


10hrs lessons

15hrs lessons

20hrs lessons

25hrs lessons

All Regions





30hrs lessons


1. Add leisure options to your Home Tuition Programme

+ General Activities

Includes the accompanied activities (such as cooking, shopping, bowling, mini-golf, visits of local places of interest etc..) and the related costs


5hrs activities/ week

10hrs activities/ week

15hrs activities/ week

20hrs activities/ week

All Regions





+ Cultural Visits

Includes the accompanied visits, transport & entrance fees where applicable


3 cultural visits/ week

All Regions


4 cultural visits/ week


5 cultural visits/ week


2. Personalise your Home Tuition Programme with other options

+ Business, Professional & Specialised/ week


+ Exam & academic preparation/ week


+ Private Bathroom/ week


+ Closer supervision/ week


+ Superior homestay/ week


+ Christmas or New Year/ week


+ 10 online lessons/ week


+ Extra night


+ One way transfer service from nearest airport


Lifestyle homestay programme (NEW)

Includes 1‭ ‬week full board accommodation‭, the selected accompanied activities and the related costs. No lessons

3 activities from list B


1 activity from list A + 2 activities from list B

2 activites from list A + 1 activity from list B

2 activities from list A + 2 activities from list B


All Regions




3 activities from list A + 1 activity from list B


+ List A

Afternoon tea or country pub (18+) experience, arts & crafts session, activities such as bowling, mini-golf, karting, ice skating etc. attending a show, sports event or ball game, learning a traditional dance, cinema/ theatre outing, visiting a museum or art gallery, aquarium tour or wildlife park, attending a race course, discovering a town on a bus tour.

+ List B

Cooking/ baking with your host, shopping with your host, filmography, conversation practice & debates, board games, nature walks, pick-your-own farm, attending a local festival or event, street or farmers market, outdoor outing (beach, picnic, lake etc), exploring the historic downtown, local villages or places of interest, volunteering for a cause you care about or getting involved in a community project.

Lessons only programme

On request

Family, parents or friends programme

On request

Cultural visits


Old Town (UNESCO) walking tour, Royal Castle, The Royal Route, Maria Skłodowska Curie Museum, Museum of Warsaw, In Chopin’s footsteps, Chopin Museum, Copernicus Science Centre, Łazienki Park, Chopin concert, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Palace of Culture and Science, Jewish Warsaw, Polin - museum of the history of Polish Jews, National Museum, Wilanow Palace, Vistula Boat Trip, Nowy Swiat & Chmielna Street Shopping